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Fuimus AAMS is a technologically advanced software package, using tried and proven Microsoft® programming and database platforms.

Our team of developers are constantly enhancing and improving Fuimus AAMS to ensure that our software remains as advanced as possible and current with industry trends.


Here are some technical highlights:

  • Typical configuration is Windows™server based
  • Supports both PC and Mac clients
  • Accessible remotely from Internet using secure connection allowing branch office or home office access
  • True multi-user system allows for concurrent client access (even to the same routines)
  • Experienced, knowledgeable technical support department
  • On-site and remote training available

Please call to discuss how Fuimus AAMS will work in your agencies environment.

Below are some cost-saving points:

  • Standard database is free from Microsoft® and requires no additional license fees
  • Database maintenance requires no high-level expertise
  • Reports are system generated and require no add-ons such as Microsoft® Access™


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