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Fuimus Corporation was founded in 1977 to provide financial consulting services to small businesses.

The company's first project was for an advertising agency, and in 1978 the Fuimus Advertising Agency Management System (AAMS) was designed by its founder.

Since prior to the debut of the PC, Fuimus Corporation has been the distributor of the Fuimus AAMS.

From the infancy of the PC market when one computer in an office was the norm to the ubiquity of office computers today, Fuimus has morphed from a supplier of turn-key hardware, infrastructure, and software solutions to concentrating solely on software development and support.

Fuimus AAMS has been ported to TRS-DOS, OASIS, THEOS, UNIX,  MS-DOS and MS-Windows as dictated by the needs of its clients and the state of the software/hardware market over the past 25+ years.
Fuimus provides support to clients, by phone, fax, e-mail and by direct secure connections to the client's servers (where suitably equipped).

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