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Integrated and Automated Accounting

Fuimus AAMS provides quick, user friendly data entry routines that automatically tie the information to the system's Job File and the General Ledger. This 'single entry accounting' and increases overall employee productivity and reduces the chances of user input error.

Real time data entry
  • Concurrently updates job cost reports, general ledger and all applicable sub ledgers

Maintain as much historical data on-line as you desire.

Screen inquiries for instant information

  • Job cost reports 

  • Supplier invoice and cheque history

  • Client invoice and payment history

Automated client invoicing from all sources

Selective or automatic cheque issuing

Integrated bank/cheque reconciliation

Extensive financial reporting formats

  • Standard YTD and MTD statement
  • 12 Month rolling client profitability report
  • Comparative this-year/last-year/budget income statements
  • Detailed analysis tools

Comprehensive control reports

  • Aged trial balance of accounts receivable
  • Aged trial balance of accounts payable
  • Work-in-process trial balance

Specialized data entry routines for:

  • Time sheets
  • Incoming production and media invoices (PO/IO controlled)
  • Miscellaneous charges (phone, fax, freight, etc.)

Accrued or cash method profit recognition

Up to 9 operating divisions per agency

Audit ready accounting

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