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Maximize Your Agency Management


  • Obtain the reports you want - when you want, with a simple 'click' of a button. Fuimus AAMS will create a professional corporate image for your agency with its clear concise reports, and provides insight for improving profitability and productivity.
  • Leave a lasting impression and reinforce the image of your agency's services with clear no-nonsense invoices and support documentation
  • Extend your corporate image to your suppliers with industry standard insertion and purchase orders
  • Optimize profit and productivity using reports measuring key benchmarks
    • Detailed client profitability reporting with optional product sub-statements
    • Labour time and billing reports by client, employee, and worktype
    • Retainer/fee vs. actual analysis to ensure arrangements are equitable
  • Measure your agency's performance with full financial reports, and easily use them for forecasting, budgeting, and banking purposes.
  • Access to programs and information secured through authenticated logins, and management controlled user profiles.
  • Authorized personnel can get immediate access (either on-screen or printed) to:
    • Specific project costs
    • Client billings and payments
    • Supplier invoices and payments
    • Work-In-Progress Report
    • Revenue, costs and expenses
    • Balance sheet and financial statements
    • Many others....
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